House Renovations

House Renovation

House Renovations

Macfarlane (Helensburgh) Limited have successfully renovated homes built between the 16th and 19th Centuries, both locally and in London.

This type of work is carried out by working closely with the customer, identifying and meeting their requirements for turning the house into a home.

Below you can see a picture of an original coach house which we bought, converted and initially refurbished to a two bedroomed home with conservatory and later we added an extension to the rear as a 3rd bedroom with en-suite. Our work was featured in Homes and Garden Scotland magazine.

We speculatively bought an 18th Century neglected and poorly maintained home and tastefully renovated it, bringing its amenities into the 21st Century.

If you would like to discuss the ideas you have for an extension/renovation, please telephone our staff on 01436 831 122.

“With huge amounts of experience on varied renovation projects, our experience and expertise will ensure you get the outcome you’ve always dreamed of.” Mark Capon, Managing Director.


"In November 2002 I purchased Woodcote on Pier Road in Rhu from Macfarlane (Helensburgh) Limited. I believe Woodcote was built in the 1840's and over the years had been pretty much left untouched and when purchased by Macfarlanes was in a sorry state.

What I saw when viewing the property was a house that had been re-instated to its former glory, but not just that, one that had been brought into the 21st century. The detail was incredible from the solid wood flooring, to the re-lining of the chimneys and the installation of the two beautiful bathrooms and a beautiful, well thought out kitchen (as someone that loves to cook the layout of a kitchen is incredibly important and believe me it worked).

But having had a full structural survey carried out on the property I soon learnt that it was not just aesthetically that the property had been changed, structurally the property had been completely overhauled from the roof down, as someone that was to be living by herself this was of paramount importance.

After moving into Woodcote the level of after-care I received was fabulous and something that I personally had not previously experienced and something that I believe to be rare in any property developer. I also have friends that have purchased a newly built home from Macfarlanes and they too have had the same experience."
Maria Burcham