New House Build Rhu


We had never contemplated building a house but when we met Mark and saw what he was planning we made up out minds immediately to commission him to build a home for us.

Having heard from friends that this could be a difficult process, we expected some problems but in fact the whole build went extremely smoothly. Of course there were odd delays but none of them the fault of the builder - it was only some suppliers who let us down.

Mark guided us through the whole process with endless patience as we altered the design and we have ended up with a magnificent house, built to our exact requirements, which we absolutely love.

We would recommend Mark and Macfarlane homes without hesitation. The quality of the workmanship is superb and Mark and the whole team were a delight to work with.

Project Detail


Found overlooking Gareloch, this building project threw up a number of different challenges – challenges we were more than happy to accept. Getting services to the plot, such as BT, water, sewage and electricity, was potentially tricky, thanks to the fact it had to be laid through rock. What’s more, huge amounts of rock had to be broken down, which was used to create the driveway, while the access to the site was also extremely limited.

Despite these challenges, we managed to produce two stunning homes, both featuring en-suite bathrooms, covered balconies (essential for the wet Scottish weather), centre decks and glass balcony handrails, all of which were supplied by Macfarlanes (should you want these added to your current property, please contact us today via The overall result is clear to see: a great development of homes, built to perfection despite the huge numbers of difficult challenges.

Construction This design was made possible by utilising a construction timber kit, which was built on site at the request of the client. Both of the properties are finished with a smooth render, however one has a single ply membrane roof, while the other has as completely zinc roof. Both are furnished with underfloor heating, operated by solar panels, and also include log burning stoves and many different security features, such as electric garage doors and security cameras.

  • catagory: New Home
  • completion: 2015:
  • location: Rhu Village, Argyll